Hummer Parts Guy (HPG) is a brand that supports ONLY the H1 and Military Humvee (seriously don't ask us about H2 or H3). Our company consists of real-life technical support experience, an AM General genuine parts store offering new and discontinued parts, and future H1 related services that customers have been contacting us about.

HPG is a family run business that started in our garage in 2008. When the Hummer parts eventually started taking over the kitchen, dining room and basement, we moved into our first location...then our second location...then our third location and most recently expanded into our most recent warehouse full of H1 parts. We source new parts direct from AM General, have access to OEM Suppliers and specialize in hard to find or discontinued parts.

We are proud of the fact that HPG retains the small family owned personalized service where our roots started from. HPG grew from loyal customer experiences, owner recommendations and word of mouth. We invite you to ask us how we can help you keep your Hummer H1 on, or off-road...whichever you prefer.


Super Duper Problem Solver
(the boss)

How I Help: I process all the emails, orders, phone calls and provide the tech support. I can remember everything "Hummer" but can't remember what I fed the kids for breakfast two days ago.


International Shipping
(the REAL boss)

How I Help: I make sure all the international paperwork is 100% accurate so nothing gets delayed, I also pay the bills so keep me happy (chocolate works best).


Warehouse Pick/Pack/Ship

How I Help: I handle all different aspects your orders from receiving, put-away, to picking and shipping - making sure nothing gets damaged when the box is on its way to you.

Ranger and Maple

Security Detail
(the beagles)

How We Help: We have a VERY important role in the day to day operations making sure the sofa stays put, everyone takes breaks to feed us treats and scratches our ears. We occasionally roam the warehouse chasing each other.

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