We have kicked off the fall of 2021 with a bang by launching our revised website that has been in the works for quite some time now. Did you know that not only does HPG do his normal HPG stuff (parts, service, knowledge of all things Hummer H1 and Humvee) but also does website programming, go figure huh? We jam packed a bunch of new features (mobile friendlier) and have laid the foundation for taking HPG to the next level of online ownership experience.

Some Highlights:
  • TONS of under the hood stuff (essentially took the coding from Ford Model T to Ford Raptor so bolting on anything new or tech changes for Tablets, Phones, adding anything new will be easier)
  • Detailed and more granular parts breakdown with interactive searchable grid showing H1 and Humvee used on codes.  The goal will be to have all model years and body styles for every part where it is required.  A lot of the work has been done but now it is down to fine tuning.
  • Installation tools if known (hey you need a 1/2" wrench or a Kent Moore PN# to install this seal)
  • Labor time to install the part or perform service (keep those service shops honest, hey this typically takes 2 hours why is this shop charging me 10 hours?!?!)
  • Additional extended descriptions or important notes about the parts
  • Wishlist, waiting list/backorder, get quote functionality from the website directly (and check status in your My Account pages)
  • HPG Advanced Tech Package Subscription. (Link Here)..Customers have asked time and time again for this information so here it is.  There will ALWAYS be free tech support (that is what we have been known for and what we do better than anybody)..but there will now be an additional paid option to access advanced tech support and xref info for discontinued parts).  What I know about the discontinued parts...you will now know about the discontinued parts.  What knowledge I have for advanced troubleshooting you will know about advanced troubleshooting...
  • Interactive H1 VIN Decoder, interactive online manuals, Troubleshooting, OBD2 codes, Service Bulletins, Wire diagrams, all sorts of information.
  • There is a TON of new stuff still in the works so keep checking back periodically.   We are working with approx 15,000 parts so please understand that it will take a little bit to get all the items functioning.  If you see anything weird please let us know.
  • The goal is to provide the tools to make sure your H1 or Humvee ownership is an enjoyable one and when it isn't the resolution is as painless and cost effective as possible.  There is ALOT of crap information floating around (YouTube, forums, etc) so time to set the record straight.
We will continue to update the website with more data as we have time - so please excuse the construction dust until it fully settles. As we add features or major changes there will be a dedicated section on the blog regarding "website updates" to inform you about them.  Feel free to browse around and let us know your thoughts. One of the biggest changes will be found right here...on this Blog...a communication medium that will allow us to add updates, write knowledge-base articles and misc odd 'n' ends that we think you will find helpful as owners. We appreciate the feedback and thank you for continuing to support HPG through the years.

Providing Genuine Hummer H1 Parts, to keep your Hummer on or off-road...whichever you prefer.

Thank You
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